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A novel approach to the creation of realistic training scenarios for safety- critical industrial applications is presented. This is based on virtual reality techniques but extended by the incorporation of a range of options for interactivity, which per- mit the trainee to take actions in realistic ways in the simulated environment. These actions may include potentially dangerous errors, with realistic consequences simu- lated, but in complete safety. Any real environment may be simulated both visually and functionally in the virtual environment. An innovative feature is the use of virtual buttons displayed on the image of the user’s hand, thus avoiding the need for acces- sories such as haptic gloves. The system enables trainee specialists to gain realistic operational experience without the anxieties of causing damage in a real environ- ment, but it is also relevant to a wide range of applications where rich interactivity is needed.


Название сборника Springer Series on Cultural Computing

ISSN: 2195-9056

Издательство Springer Open

Год выпуска 2020

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Танцевальная школа Дарьи Зажигиной

Публикации кафедры